Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nicholis Louw

So my mother is a HUGE Nicholis Louw fan. She loves him so much, as a person and his music. A while ago my sister won "Huis Genoot - Wen 'n Droom" and they got to go see Nicholis Louw perform live at Firkins in Centurion, they were promised a VIP night; limo chaufer, meeting Nicholis Louw, best seat in the club etc. None of that happened. It was the worst night ever my mom said...

So their way of saying sorry was organising us four tickets to his show at the Boma in Alberton, right around the corner from our house, which was awesome!!! We drove around in a limo for a while before he dropped us off, met Nicholis and spent some time chatting to him, got a really great table as well as free pizza's and drinks all night!!!

We all had such a great night!!! A night to always and forever be remembered :-)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

My New Journey...


What a beautiful sunrise we were blessed with on this icy Friday morning, Friday the 13th nogals!!!

It was a clean yellow and blue all over and in between the many small scattered white clouds... If only I had the time to photograph sunrises in the early morning before work, but it is at its best while I am on my way to work *sad*

So I woke up at 05:00 this morning coz I could not breathe, my chest was closed and I just could not seem to cough it open. Terrible way to wake up and it took about an hour until I could sort of breathe comfortably again, but it was a motivation for me this morning as I am trying to quit smoking once again and I really feel this time it is it! My boyfriend Dave quit two weeks ago so I won't have any people who cause direct influence to me. My mother, father, sister and brother in-law smoke and the live with us, yes we are all together in a big loving happy home :-) , so I will just try to stay away when they do smoke.

I really am looking forward to this journey, I'm sure I can call it that, it's what this feels like. I am looking forward to my taste and smell improving after three days, my lungs gaining function to clean themselves again after twelve weeks... and I will spend more time on my photography using it as a distraction!

So you see, this is all going to work out just fine! Super excited, as I said, for this journey...

How I see myself in the photography world

Hi, my name is Dominique and for as long as I can remember I have had this great love for taking photographs.

I started out at about the age of 7 with a black, plastic Kodak film camera. I remember my mother used to always be so upset with me coz I never took any photos of me with my friends at choir camps etc. I would always capture "the environment" I was in, all of my surroundings like the wooden houses we slept in or the open fields around us.

Later on at the age of about 11 I startes using my cell phone, I had a Nokia 6230i, which had a 1.3 Mega Pixel camera!!! Ha ha ha I took the most beautiful images (I won't call them photo's) with this little cell phone and I enjoyed it so much! I think that is where my passion, crave and love started; with my old Nokia cell phone.

Since then I have always had small hand held digital camera's, I always stuck to Nikon, maybe because they were easy on the pocket and I liked the way they looked. I am now (since January 2012) on a Canon 1000D, which I love so very much!!! My boyfriend bought it for me along with a simple "starter" lense and a tripod. I am so inlove and still enjoy it so much everyday. As finances allow I am going to buy bigger and better lenses.

I love photography and even though this hobby makes for such a huge scary world, I am working hard to achieve what I want this to turn into. It will forever stay my passion and a massive part of my life as a hobby, what I love to do...